On this page you will find information about fees:

You should refer to individual course pages for other costs related to your study.

TAFE NSW courses

The tuition fee is payable in advance every semester. Your letter of offer from TAFE NSW will explain payment details.

You will need to pay the following fees related to your course:

  • A registration fee of A$100 (non-refundable)
  • A tuition fee – the total course fee can range from:
    • A$3,690 to A$14,000* per semester for vocational courses
    • A$6,000 to A$10,400 per semester for TAFE NSW Degree courses

*Price range excludes Diploma of Transport and Distribution (Maritime Operations Deck Watchkeeper) which is A$19,000.

The tuition fee listed on course pages is the total fee for the course. Payment is required on a per semester basis. To calculate the semester fee for a course, divide the total course fee by the course duration and then again by two.

(total course fee ÷ course duration) ÷ 2 = semester fee

Course fees include tuition, orientation program, additional study skills tuition, use of multimedia libraries, computers and other campus facilities, and assistance from student advisers and counsellors.

Course fees do not include the cost of textbooks, stationery, uniforms, accommodation, meals, health insurance cover or transport.

Refer to other fees section below and individual course pages for costs related to specific courses.

English language course

Develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills from beginner to advanced level at one of our TAFE NSW English Language Centres. You can also combine an English course with another TAFE NSW course so you will only need one visa.

The fees are:

  • An application fee of A$150 (non-refundable)
  • A tuition fee A$250 to A$350 per week. Please check with your chosen English Language Centre for exact fees and special offers for your country.

Read more about English courses.

Diploma-to-Degree package

TAFE NSW Diploma-to-Degree (D2D) university pathway programs allow students to enter a Bachelor Degree program with guaranteed credit at leading Australian universities. The fees are:

  • A registration fee of A$110 (or A$150 registration fee for TAFE/English package) (non-refundable)
  • TAFE NSW course fees
  • Partial payment deposit for university course
    • Australian Catholic University (ACU): A$5,000
    • Charles Sturt University (CSU): A$10,000/$20,000*
    • Southern Cross University (SCU): A$6,000
    • University of Canberra (UC): A$5,000
    • Western Sydney University: A$10,000
    • University of Technology Sydney: A$110
  • University course fees. The university provisional offer will state the credit you will receive for the TAFE NSW course, length and approximate costs of the degree.

*CSU: International students who intend to study on campus in Australia (for two years or more) from AL1 and AL2 level countries are required to pay their tuition fees upfront for one full session and students from AL3 and AL4 level countries are required to pay their tuition fees upfront for two full sessions. More info https://futurestudents.csu.edu.au/international/fees-and-costs/student-fees

Read more about Diploma-to-Degree courses.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Health insurance, called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), is compulsory for international students studying in Australia. This insurance covers you for certain medical costs if you need to visit a doctor or go to hospital while you are studying in Australia.

Please let TAFE NSW International know if you have already arranged OSHC, otherwise, we will arrange standard OSHC cover for you with Medibank Private. We will invoice you for the insurance premium along with your tuition fees.

From 16 December 2014, the cost for standard OSHC is A$585 per year per single student.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) charges 2015
Single student Couple
(Student with Spouse)
(Student with family)
1 year A$585 A$2,034.60 A$2,865

The 2015 rate will apply for all applications submitted after 15 December 2014.

Health cover cards will either be delivered to you directly from Medibank Private to your Australian address or via TAFE NSW International. This process may take a few weeks. If you need medical attention before you receive your membership card, you should pay for the service and keep all receipts. You can claim a refund from Medibank Private.

You should check the policy carefully in advance, including the details of what is covered. Optional extra cover is available at an additional fee.

Serious medical problems should be declared on your application form and taken care of before you come to Australia, as standard OSHC generally does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

For more information about OSHC, visit the Medibank Private website

Other fees

Arrival services

TAFE NSW Institutes offer assistance when you arrive at the airport. Staff can arrange to meet you at the airport and assist with accommodation.

Service 2015 2016 - 2017
Airport pick-up fee A$140 A$140
Accommodation placement fee A$270 A$300
Homestay fee A$250 - A$300
per week
per week

Read more information about arrival services.

Uniforms, equipment and textbooks

Uniforms, equipment and textbooks costs range from A$300 - A$2,500 per course. For example:

  • Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) students should allow A$300 - A$450 for a knife kit and uniform
  • Hairdressing students should allow A$125 for an equipment kit and A$495 for workbooks
  • Maritime students should allow A$1,500 for specific qualifications such as Marine GMDSS Operation
  • Dental Technology students are charged A$400 per semester for use of materials in the dental laboratory
  • Floristry students should allow A$2,500 for use of materials

Note: The above costs are estimates only.

Payments, reviews and refunds

Review of fees

TAFE NSW Institutes reserve the right to review its fees. If the tuition fees are increased, you will be required to pay the new fees as they are introduced.

Refund policy

For the full refund policy, refund procedure, and complaints procedure please refer to the Terms and Conditions section of the TAFE NSW application form .

Read more about other expenses and living costs.


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